Frequently Asked Questions
about the OCS Libya Web Site

You have added this new login feature. Should I be worried about being charged for access to the web site in the future?

No. The OCS Libya Web Council has no plans to charge for access to the OCS Libya web site. The intent of adding this feature is to protect the OCS Libya web site resources from being abused, as has happened in the past.

We may accept donations at some time in the future to subsidize or cover the cost of maintain the hardware, software, and Internet connection. However, OCS Libya will probably never be a for-profit web site.

I have logged into the OCS Libya web site, but I will be away from the computer for a while. Do I have to worry about logging out?

Yes. You should logout. The only consequence of logging out is that you have to login when you return.

If you leave yourself logged in to the web site on a computer, other people who use the computer after you—such as friends, family, or even strangers, may accidentally or intentionally alter information on the OCS Libya web site under your name. They may also collect private information from the web site that is only intended to be seen by OCS Libya web site members.

There are two methods by which you can logout of the OCS Libya web site.

The first and best way to logout is by clicking on the Logout link in the box in the top-right corner of the page.

The second way and less reliable way you can logout is by closing all of your web browser windows. The second way is less reliable because you might accidentally leave a web browser window open. You may not even be able to close all of the web browser windows if you are using a computer in an Internet café, for example.

Why can't I see contact information for people who have registered in the OCS Directory or signed the guestbook?

Have you remembered to login to the web site?

Why can't I see contact information for people who have registered in the OCS Directory or signed the guestbook without logging in to the web site?

We want members to share their contact information freely with other members of the OCS Libya web site, but there are some unscrupulous people on the Internet who would use or sell that contact information for purpose of trying to make some money. Obviously members don't want that to happen to their contact information.

We try to deter that unscrupulous group of people from gaining access to members' contact information by forcing them to log into the web site. We hope that threat of losing their anonymity will be enough, but we are prepared to go farther if necessary.

Forcing users to login also prevents the unscrupulous group from using Internet robots and spiders to collect contact information automatically. Collecting contact information manually is a tedious task that is probably not worth the effort on their part.

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